Malaysia Sate Restaurant

owned and operated by the family Yi.
The restaurant has been in existence for 25 years and specializes in chinese and malaysian specialties.
Our goal is to offer good food and good service in a hospitable environment where our guests can feel at home.
Our trained and experienced chefs come to us directly from China to prepare dishes in a traditional way.
Restaurant has two floors, a banquet hall that can be booked for groups or parties, weddings or conference.
We adapt and prepare the food according to specific requirements and our chefs prepare specialties and festive dishes for small and large company.
We also offer special prices for tourist deligation.
In Malaysia Sate Restaurant, you are always welcome as our guest for lunch, dinner or to celebrate a through a special day in the company of friends and family.
Whatever the occasion,You are always offered good quality food prepared in the traditional way.Tindy Yi


Bookings for larger groups or conference dinners please contact: Tindy Yi.

+46(0)31 711 5710 | +46(0)31 711 7919
Fax: +46(0)31 139 768